Baseus True Wireless Earphones Storm 3

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Material: ABS+PC
Color: Black/White
Version: V5.2
Communication distance: 10m
Playtime with a charging bin: 15~20hours (ANC ON)/12~15 hours (ANC OFF)
Battery capacity: 40 mAh/0.148 Wh (earphones) 400 mAh/1.48 Wh (charging bin)
Earphone rating input: DC5V⎓80 mA
Charging bin rating input: DC5V⎓800 mA
Earphone rating consumption current: 11 mA
Charging bin rating current consumption: 150 mA
Frequency response range: 20 Hz-20 kHz
Charge interface: Type-C

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1 review for Baseus True Wireless Earphones Storm 3

    July 13, 2023
    You need to obviously temper your expectations on the amount of noise cancelation, these are open, not in-ear, and the simple physics means that you don't have the passive isolation of in-ear headphones, which is tremendously important. With that said, these DO WORK. The noises they work on are very specific, though. People talking comes through almost crystal clear. Bassy rumbles are barely dampened. But they have this lovely midrange effect that takes a lot of droning, middle-low whooshing tones out, which when you're indoors in an office or the like, makes it feel like you're not wearing any headphones, but the whole office just got quieter and more calm. So the result is a pair of headphones that really do help with noises I find annoying. The fans on my computer quiet down. The flow of air from my central air is silent. But if my wife comes up and talks to me or I'm looking at the at TV, I can still hear it perfectly. Human speech isng muffled at all, you could easily hold a conversation with them on and the nice part is they don't have that robotic artifical tone to ambient mode on in-ear buds, because you're hearing actual speech and not a reproduction of it. These destroy the ambient mode of all ANC headphones on earth. Genuinely. These have a wonderful niche. They aren't going to silence the world around you, but they take just enough of the edge off of everything that your world just gets a little more peaceful. I hear a plane engine passing overhead, but the sharp drone of its propeller is reduced to a smooth hum. As for sound quality, I had to bump the sub bass up dramatically in the EQ of the app to +5 and +4 and the mid and upper treble up 1 or 2 to get a nice clean musical sound. Again, owing to their open nature, they lack heavy sub bass punch but be real, it's just not possible without a sealed in-ear. With EQ, however, they sound nice and full. Midbass, nice pleasant mids, and nice airy treble. So not for basshead stuff, but hard rock kick drums, pop, jazz, classical, absolutely solid. The detail is adequate. Not audiophile, but not muddy or offensive in any way. Soundstage is wide, (open headphone partypeice) but imaging and separation between instruments is only so-so. Low latency is good enough, but sound quality will obviously suffer. I'd say these are not bad for gaming at all. The fit is great, like modern airpods. Easily wearable all day since nothing is going inside your ear canal to irritate it. No issues. They feel exceptionally high quality, nice smooth plastics, superb finish and tolerances. Touch squeeze controls aren't the best I've used but far, far from the worst. They mostly just require getting used to the small touch zone, but accidental touching is very rare. And I got the white color, which has a GORGEOUS, subtle pearlescent finish that is proving to be pretty durable. I also like that the case lid opens slightly past 90 degrees to make pulling the buds out easier. The hinge is plastic and it doesn't feet quite as satisfying as an airpods case, but overall the complete product is superb. So, overall, as long as you set your expectations accordingly, these are truly something special that nobody else on the market makes, and I'd say they are the best office earbuds money can buy. I really hope Baseus sticks with this concept and keeps refining it, because the price is very fair and I'm giving them a wholehearted recommendation.
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